The Ineffective Communicator

How can anyone interact with a narcissist effectively? The only way a person could consider an interaction with a narcissist effective is if they are unaware of the type of creature they are dealing with. In this case, the victim will believe oneself is the ineffective one.

But when a person knows what they are in fact, dealing with, they know that no matter what they say to a narcissist, they will be attacked and abused.

The people who have been in a conversation with a narcissist and are well aware of what they are dealing with, eventually realizes that no matter what they say, the narcissist will always find a way to shift the blame and act like the nut that he/she is.

But why does this happen?

Reality. The narcissist cannot hack reality. Even when the victim is obedient and submissive, the narcissist will still pick a fight and cause a problem.

Why is this?

Because the narcissist is not living in the reality that he has convinced his victims of. The narcissist knows he has cheated, lies pathalogically and is a king manipulator. The narcissist cannot handle the guilt his ego experiences for beieng such a horrific creature thus, he needs to project this shame and guilt.

Many people will attempt to find ways to try and speak to the narcissist in attempts to dodge this insanity but it always seems to fail and this is why.

It makes more sense why the victim of a narcissist is constantly entrenched in shame and confusion, they are constantly trying to understand what is so wrong with them as a person that would make the narcissist want to constantly abuse them. Even when the victim knows the narcissist is in fact, gaslighting them, the question for the victim is never “what is wrong with this weirdo?” but instead is “what is so wrong with me that my spouse feels the need to lie and gaslight me like this?”.


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