What is Behind the act of Projection??

Everyone for the most part, understands and knows that Narcissists are the kings of projection but what is projection?? What is behind this mental act? What is the narcissist really doing? Here are the steps that the narcissist takes to conduct this madness:

1. The narcissist will create a specific reaction in the victim

2. The narcissist will deny that he has done so

3. The narcissist will than mirror the very reaction he created

An example:

Narcissist: “why are you stalking me”, “all you do is call me names”, “you are so sensitive”, “you are such a cheater”

The victim very well knows that it is in fact, the narcissist doing those exact things and is in fact, those exact things. The narcissist is the stalker, the narcissist is the one calling names, the narcissist is the extremely sensitive one and of course, the narcissist is the cheater.

This is insane and not because the narcissist’s mind is projecting but because the narcissist is very aware that he is projecting thus, he is in fact, manipulating.

Projection is not conducted voluntarily but when the narcissist projects, it is thus, projection equating manipulation for the narcissist.

It is of course, very well known the narcissist sees himself solely in his reflection but the problem with such is the narcissist manipulating his reflection via his victims-supply sources.

He needs to mirror you in order to keep his ego looking innocent and of course, he cannot pretend to be innocent without mirroring his victims because he lives his life and sees himself via his reflection.