What is Behind the act of Projection??

Everyone for the most part, understands and knows that Narcissists are the kings of projection but what is projection?? What is behind this mental act? What is the narcissist really doing? Here are the steps that the narcissist takes to conduct this madness:

1. The narcissist will create a specific reaction in the victim

2. The narcissist will deny that he has done so

3. The narcissist will than mirror the very reaction he created

An example:

Narcissist: “why are you stalking me”, “all you do is call me names”, “you are so sensitive”, “you are such a cheater”

The victim very well knows that it is in fact, the narcissist doing those exact things and is in fact, those exact things. The narcissist is the stalker, the narcissist is the one calling names, the narcissist is the extremely sensitive one and of course, the narcissist is the cheater.

This is insane and not because the narcissist’s mind is projecting but because the narcissist is very aware that he is projecting thus, he is in fact, manipulating.

Projection is not conducted voluntarily but when the narcissist projects, it is thus, projection equating manipulation for the narcissist.

It is of course, very well known the narcissist sees himself solely in his reflection but the problem with such is the narcissist manipulating his reflection via his victims-supply sources.

He needs to mirror you in order to keep his ego looking innocent and of course, he cannot pretend to be innocent without mirroring his victims because he lives his life and sees himself via his reflection.


9 thoughts on “What is Behind the act of Projection??

  1. They are the most disgusting pieces of work on the planet. They’ll break you and need you to need them then. And when you say out loud you need them to help you through a serious ordeal that involves them too, they’ll wait til the last possible second and then totally abandon you letting you face it all by yourself then blame you when it doesn’t go in your favor.

    My narcissist husband abandoned me often. He lives his life without someone spying on him and causing chaos and slandering him in his community. Then he is upset if someone’s helping you especially if it a male. They’ll tell you no one wants you. Til they see someone does and they will set out to ruin your life. They’ll cut off your finances and cause you to lose your job. make false calls to your house when the other guy is there and report they heard abuse going on. They know you hate cops. They know you get such aniexty around cops so they have cops show up at your door to then make you come outside to show them you have no bruises on you. Of course I refused to step outside because I’d just been watching TV and my friend had fallen asleep a couple hours ago. I thought it some trick. There wasn’t any fighting going on at my place. . This last time the monster got my son to call for him. How he managed to do that I have no idea. This man needs a dose of his own medicine but I’m too kind. I often wish I could do to him what he has done to me. He has totally crippled me and I can not hold a job and I need so much therapy but he makes my life impossible. People harrass me and I know he pays them with gift cards. Homeless street people. He wants me afraid and to then let him stay in the house I live in. He abandons me when he has other things going on but minute I get someone else interested he suddenly appears like nothing happened making me feel like I’m some horrible person. He’s taken my jewelry and sold it. He has actually managed to ruin my credit. My perfect credit I had for over 25 years. I was so proud of that too. But you see I could start a new life with good credit so he set out to take money from our accounts and say he paying bills with my name on them but only created pass due bills and hardships for me. I don’t have an evil bone in my body. I hate that I don’t. He only has evil bones that’s all he is. He projects this good guy front. I want to barf.


  2. Oh my god I just spent friggen an hour on a wonderful heart felt reply and it’s gone now because I had to log in to post ( dumb) why can’t I just post as a guest when I want to. So where’s my reply? I’m so bummed. Thanks

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      • You know when you are commenting and giving great detail so it makes sense and whom ever reads it can follow you and you don’t appear scatter brained and then you go to hit send or preview and it’s gone. I try to copy what comments I am making but this one time. I didn’t and I was heart sick. sick.and


  3. I suppose you’ll remove my reply above? But it’s totally in response to what’s happened here after I spent a lot of time replying.

    I had made a pretty good point about the subject of projection.


  4. I’m so sorry. I apologize to you. I hate when my jadedness pokes through on a nice undeserving person. Please forgive me. It is fact that google redirects my mail and my emails to people for any kind of help, therapy, legal advice never reaches the intended person. Or in the rare case it does reach the intended person it’s been read from by someone else. This is pretty common though for people targeted by husbands wanting control., or people targeted by shadow government see Dr.John Hall on YouTube. Accept my deepest apologies. Thank you for writing an excellent article.


    • By the way you nailed it exactly like my husband says things and he is in fact doing these very things. Mine also is a first class gaslighter. Usually you’ll find his caliber in jobs like car sales, management, lawyers, military leaders, judges, prosecutors, heads of churches, and serial rapist, killers and those who lure people off internet to meet with them. Scary huh!
      When meeting them they’ll sweep you off your feet. Be your perfect match. They are great listeners. This makes you believe you finally found someone who you can be yourself with. Until you realize they just listening so they know how to work you. They gathering up info so they can fire killer does of pain at you later. If they see your grandchildren are your life that’s exactly what they’ll go after of yours to cripple you with. They know it will weaken you. When you are broken they add more pain and sorrow. Next thing there you are alone and everyone’s been chased away or believing lies the narcissist spread in your smear campaign.
      Don’t ever go against them and then know you are challenging them. You’ll lose. They have no conscience remember so they don’t play fair. Killing you is something honestly if they could do and not get caught they’d do. Life insurance policy? Tamper with brakes and them be out of town when you go out of control on windy road to your moms. Collect on the 500k insurance policy taken out on you two years ago. Off they go with their new supply to start a new adventure. The poor woman is clueless. Hey this kind of sick thing happens a lot more than people know.

      Bottom line. Know what to look for in people you getting serious with. Take it slow and don’t tell them everything about you no matter how close you are getting. Check his/her stories.? Any red flags get out now!

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