Disassociation comes in many forms. It can be seen and experienced as a detachement from one’s own thoughts, emotions and body. It can also be experienced as a sense of being in a foreign place as if one is unfamiliar with one’s surroundings despite knowing such is untrue. These experiences are categorized as depersonalization(experienced inside of one’s self) and derealization(experienced outside of one’s self).

To experience either is extremely frightening. This particular post will focus on depersonalization.
To detach from aspects of yourself but stil remain aware of one detached experience is a very hard concept to understand. Why does this happen?
When a person experiences a trauma or traumas, depending on age, the mind can detach from various aspects of the self that became utterly frightened and overwhelmed. 
If the trauma happens as a child, the mind can even cut off an aspect of the self all together like one’s emotions.
Depersonalization can be experienced in such extreme manners and runs on a spectrum of severity. For example, the mind can remove one’s awareness all together of the disassociated experiences which can be seen in various mental health disorders like DID and NPD.  The mind can also disassociate from the self all together and remove one’s entire sense of self  which can be seen in NPD and BPD.
To gain one’s awareness and ownership of one’s own mind and body takes sobriety and therapy, tons of it. The goal is to become aware, to become aware of what the hindering factors are regarding a person’s dissasociated parts in order to identify what aspects of oneself needs to become integrated. This is a very long and exhausting ordeal but necessary if one wants to get better. 

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