linguistic manipulation

Narcissists use every aspect of their victim’s entire being against them as well as the very reason to why they are confusing, abusing, and abandoning them. Of course the narcissist does not make this appear as so. In fact, the narcissist makes all of this appear as if they are the ones being victimized by their victims instead.

This is insane.

The victim’s words, their lack of words, their behavior, their lack of action, their thinking and their emotions are all used against them by the narcissist in order to abuse them and blame them for it.

When the victim speaks authentically in any way- this is used against them. The narcissist will use their victim’s words by twisting the interpretation of such to make it appear as if the narcissist is actually offended, hurt or annoyed.

When the victim chooses to not do a thing and be silent- the narcissist will use this as a way to make it appear as if they are being ignored for no reason, despite knowing they have dismissed everything they have done to their victim that could potentially lead their victim to ignore them.. but sometimes, the victim is not responding simply because they are in the shower. Either way-a lack of action and words are used against the victim.

The narcissist will use their victim’s thoughts against them as well. Whether the narcissist assumes what their victim is thinking and chooses to persecute them for it or the narcissist decides to interpret what the victim has said as offensive or ridiculous, the narcissist uses their victim’s words against them.

The narcissist of course, uses their victim’s emotions against them, whether it is stating to them that all they do is whine or stating that they are being being too needy and annoying when they express emotion.

Linguistic manipulation creates a realm where the narcissist can appear as if he or she is not manipulating anyone when in fact, they are. It is a very sick and insane approach but none the less, fitting for a narcissist.


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