Trying to Escape

Being lured back into the narcissist’s web usually involves a fear of disappointment, conflict and/or rejection. It is difficult to defy the flow of the narcissist’s plan and play. Many victims commonly think to themselves “he is speaking as if nothing happened so if I say anything that involves my own needs or wants, he will just freak out again”.

Why is this a problem??

The narcissist has ensured his victim knows that they will in fact, be abandoned, abused and rejected again if they speak up. The victim is trained to know that whatever they want to say to the narcissist, will be used against them thus, their words will be twisted to appear as wrong leading to “justified” abuse in the narcissist’s mind.

The fear of all of this tends to naturally keeps the narcissist’s victim trapped in this nightmare. How can a person leave a relationship if everytime they attempt to, they are abused and manipulated to such degrees, having their fears used against them??? How can a person leave a relationship with a narcissist when they are abused so grately and covertly when they try to escape and live their life?

The narcissist provides all his victims an unwritten and signed contract that states “you are my victim-you will obey me or I will ruin your life to the point that you will come to think that coming back is in fact, the better thing to do” – forges signature.


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