self respect and punishment

You are not allowed to have self respect according to a narcissist. Everytime you attempt to have self respect in any way, you will be “justifiably punished”.

The narcissist likes to punish those who disobey him and when I say disobey him, I mean exist. The narcissist does not want you to exist as an authentic individual. He wants to mold you into an obedient and abused puppet. It is impossible to have self respect when you are a puppet because you do not humanly exist to the narcissist- you are seen as a puppet. A puppet is a toy-an object.

Being punished everytime you try to stick up for yourself in attempts to gain an ounce of dignity, the narcissist will ensure he punishes you. This is of course is a brainwashing tactic to gain control over you.

To have self respect and to be with a narcissist cannot exist in the victim’s world simply because they are denied an existence.

Even when the narcissist falsely makes up reasons to his insane and cruel behavior as an attempt to justifiably rewrite reality, the victim is being disrespected whether they are aware of it or not. Just because the victim does not know they are being brainwashed, does not mean they are free of the associated consequences.


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