Poor Me

The narcissist likes to play the victim as most are aware of this fact but there are many ways to play the victim and those ways can slip past your awareness. It is important to be able to recognize this in order to know if you are dealing with a person or a narcissist. 

1. constantly appearing depressed– The narcissist will appear depressed and miserable but when asked why they appear so sad,  they will  usually just deny, deny, deny. If they do state a “reason”, that reason will sound like “sigh..this life is stupid”- suggesting a “why me” attitude in some way to elicit supply
2. referencing how strong they are due to their past victimation -This tactic is used by the overt narcissist. The overt narcissist likes to relay how “strong they are” utilizing their perceived past victimizations. They like to make subtle comparisons  to suggest just how hard life was for them. They like to do this in a way that suggests how “strong they are” and how strong you aren’t. 
4. sighing and whining– The narcissist will walk around long faced and shaking his head at everything, constantly suggesting that life is just soo difficult. Never is there a realistic and visible reason to show others make sense of their behavior which trains people to believe they are the reason to why the narcissist is so “miserable”. 
5. condescending– The narissist will approach everything in a condescending manner, as if everything around him is merely a bother but again, never is there a visible reason promoting this behavior.