The golden 3

How easy it seems for the narcissist to lure you back into their wrath. There is a method to their madness though despite feeling as if things have happened so unexplainably quick. So to begin understanding how you have landed back in the spider web, it is important to know the narcissist’s golden unwritten policy. This policy is what I like to call “the golden three”.

1. You are not allowed to contact him via text message, you will speak to the narcissist solely on the phone. Your messages will be either ignored or blocked. If the narcissist chooses to respond via text it is done to feel you out but then a phone call must be had. Why??? It is much easier for the narcissist to manipulate you on the phone than it is via text and the narcissist very much knows this.

2. You are not allowed to ask why–why he is angry, why he will not explain his behavior, why is able to go silent, etc. If you try to ask why–you will be abused or ignored. The narcissist ingrains this rule in his victims in order to create a need to resolve things and the only way to resolve things is to never ask why which leads to the third golden rule.

3. If you contact the narcissist in a manner that dismisses his past behavior prior to a silent treatment in order to just feel sane again —you will have given the narcissist a pass go card. This card initiates the love bombing to begin all over again, allowing the narcissist to get away with his insane malignant behavior.


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