Narcissists are extremely unpredictable regarding the fluctuation of their moods. This is extremely difficult to manage when you have to live with one. This unpredictanility can cause a consistent hypervigilent that lingers within their victims. When a child is unfortunate enough to have  a parent or parents that are narcissistic, experiencing this unpredictability as a child causes many problems such as CPTSD. How is a child suppose to live in this type of ambivalent environment and not experience problems in the future? It is vital for a child to experience a consistent environment  in order to develop emotionally and mentally. 

None the less, the narcissist is too self absorbed and insane to change or to even think about, the impact that such ambivalence has on their children.

A child living with a narcissist learns how to gauge their narcissist’s parents mood and emotions in order to prepare themselves for what may come next. Due to the narcissist’s ambivalent nature, the child knows  how they will are treated is completely dependent on their naricssistic parent’s mood. The child learns at an early age that they are not unconditionally loved.

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