Learn how narcissists converse

There are two streams of conversations that take place with a narcissist:

1.Victims intention n response

2.Victims Perspective and thinking

-Intention n response: the victims response is wrapped in emotions due to the goal of trying to decipher reality

-Perspective n thinking: the victim is confused and never really comes to a conclusion of what the narcissist is trying to do. The victim is trapped because she/he cannot accurately blame the narcissist for the confusion due to the linguistic tricks the narcissist uses and their heightened emotions

3.Narcissist’s intent n response

4.Narcissists Perspective n thinking

Intention and response – the narcissist responds and intends to respond in anyway he/she has to in order to induce assumptions and emotions in their victims

Perspective and thinking: The narcissist wants your emotional responses


–will not acknowledge any statements made by the victim that he dislikes -such suggests the accuracy of the statement. The victim wants the narcissist to contradict the statement(most normal ppl would) and the narcissist knows this and refuses + the narcissist is trying to provoke frustration

–the narcissist will not reply to any questions asked of him regarding reality which implies guilt towards the question. +The narcissist wants the victim to know he is guilty to provoke a reaction of frustration

–the narcissist will set up scenarios where he will appears one way but will also refuses to admit he has done so when caught–he does this to create frustration