10 “Kind” Hovering Statements

1. I love you so much baby, please!

2. You know I love you and I always will

3. I am sorry. I understand what I have done is unforgivable and I know you deserve better

4. I completely understand you want nothing to do with me, I am not a good a person and do not deserve forgiveness

5. You deserve better than me and this, I hope you find happiness because you deserve it

6. Baby I am sorry can you please just talk to me?

7. I want to grow old with you and have a family with you , please!!

8. Just know, I love you and always will.

9. I am not moving on, I will not give up on us–I love you

10. Baby, I will never do that again. I know now what is important to me and that is you-please forgive me?