The narcissist believes that you are completely under their control so when they decide to send a message or call you after abusing you for the nine hundredth time, they actually expect you will respond accordingly. This action alone, proves that the narcissist’s priority is truly one of control. Control and love cannot coexist. Unfortunately for the narcissist, their delusion of grandeur comes crashing on their heads when their victim has had enough.

It is not ok to abuse someone in every way and then message that same person as if abusing them is ok. In fact, it is not ok for a person to abuse another person, apologize and expect forgiveness. To abuse someone over and over and over is no mistake. Patterns of abuse define the person who is abusing -an abuser and that is the bottom line.

Abuse is not love. There is no such realm that exists where abuse can be justified alongside a claim of love. In fact, the opposite of love is hate and abuse is the action of hate.

What about empathy? Can you empathize with a narcissist? To empathize with a narcissist is the same thing as self harm. You cannot empathize with a predator. You are not an evil person by protecting your own mind.


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