forgiveness tricks

It is very common to see the narcissist randomly message you after a long period of time trying to get your attention. The narcissist likes to plant seeds into their victims mind in order to create pondering-pondering on one’s perfect life being dangled before them by their narcissist. This is a tactic the narcissist will use followed by silence. The silence happens because the narcissist believes and wants you to ponder, wanting you to weigh out the good and the bad of replying to the narcissist or on how you should reply. The narcissist knows the victim believes that their response content matters when really, all that matters is that the victim is responding at all. It is important to understand the narcissist believes his victim’s response equates control, control over his supply source. The words the narcissist uses is just the script of the nightmare show that he has presented for you as a “relationship” but for the narcissist, it is just what he has to do in order to gain supply.