The narcissist is a naturally  invasive character. This makes sense due to their dire need to control everything but very irritating and uncomfortable. Narcissists choose to go about this in various ways. For example, some narcissists just stare and choose to constantly watch, they want to ensure the victim is aware they are doing such as well. This constant need to stare  is truly more invasive then one would think, especially when this takes place by a narcissist that you have to live with. 

Narcissists themselves, constantly feel as if some foreign entity is watching them thus, paranoia being a very common experience for them. When the narcissist constantly stares and observes their victims, they are truly projecting their inner world onto another but this particular dilemma goes much deeper then that That foreign entity that the narcissist feels is constantly watching them, is the narcissist’s self which resides behind the scenes of their false self. This entity is what controls the narcissist’s entire existence. Essentially, the narcissist is projecting who they really are when they are invasive and as an example, stare in such an uncomfortable way. This understanding all coincides with the underlying issues that cause a narcissist to stalk their victims as well.
Another way the narcissist chooses to display their invasive nature is by constantly trying to run their victim’s life. The narcissist fails to realize that their victims are in fact not puppets and no one needs to in fact, obey them. A commonly used manipulation tactic that is deployed in order to manifest their victim’s obedience is the use of shaming. If the narcissist comstantly shames their victim when they are not behaving or speaking as the narcissist wants them to, shaming whatever they are in fact, saying or doing will teach their victim that obeying is much easier to tolerate. 
The need to invade someone’s life regarding any aspect of another person is strictly do to the need for control. 

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