The narcissist wants his victims to adapt to his psychosis. Over time, this comes to look like something that could be a solution to the victim’s problems regarding their relationship with a narcissist. Adapting comes to look like an effective approach. There are numerous ways regarding how the narcissist makes adapting look like the golden solution such as:

1. creating a need in their victims for an answer/explanation/response to something the narcissist did prior to their silent treatment

2. needing the verbal abuse to stop due to the immense mental insanity created within the victim’s mind

3. the narcissist lovingly and kindly messaging their victim out of no where after a short or long period of a silence treatment

4. the narcissist teaching their victims that him taking accountability or controlling himself causes great emotional and mental anguish for the narcissist, creating a false understanding and acceptance within the victim’s mind that justifies the narcissist’s cruel behaviour