Why you are being Stalked

Your wifi, phones and computers are hacked by a narcissist in order to try and infiltrate your mind. Narcissists cannot stand not being in the mind of their victims. There are 3 main ways a narcissist will attempt to do this-

1. advertising-the narcissist will use advertising to attempt making his victims feel bad about themselves

2. social media-the narcissist will try to add his victims from various accounts, message them via random aliases, and use advertising within those social media apps

3. chatting apps-there will never be an app you use that the narcissist will not tweak to ensure he can message you in someway

This is done to create doubt in his victim’s mind. The narcissist wants his victim to doubt themselves at all costs. He wants them to doubt who they are speaking to, doubt how they view themselves, doubt the concept that he isn’t literally watching everything they do, etc.

The narcissist also wants his victims to notice these things and point them out to him so he can be able to create an emotional reaction in his victims.

Narcissists seek revenge and they believe that this is a very effective way. The narcissist becomes angry with his victims that try to go no contact and escape. He believes that his victims are his property and have no right to walk away from him, denying him of supply.

The narcissist also, does not want to admit or show his victims that he cares about them in any way(care as in pretend to care) or in need of anything(supply) from them. He ensures his victims can tell it is in fact, him that is doing the hacking and tormenting but in a way that can allow him to keep his facade in tact.


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