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Most people think narcissists are just pricks and this is true, they are but there is a piece of knowledge that seems to be missing, one that I haven’t seen any narcissist online discuss or touch on.

In the narcissist’s minds they suffer from something very similar to dissociative disorder. In fact, I could beg to differ that all pathological narcissists in fact, have this disorder.

Narcissists are plagued by a force, an unseen and unheard force. This force speaks to them, auditory/visual hallucinations are also experienced as well. Never does this force reveal it’s true “identity”.

This “identity” hijacks their person in a methodical way. It uses the narcissist’s introjects(people) to create an external display of what looks to be a whole integrated personality but is in fact, no where close to such. This lack of understanding of pathological narcissist leads to immense confusion for the narcissist’s victims.

The narcissist wants to keep this “symptom” a secret. Why this is so is due to the force that resides within the narcissist that needs to live threw them. For the narcissist to admit to this, it would remove the notion that the force is not in fact, real.

Narcissists use their external display of a personality, to feed this force without others knowing. Essentially the external goal of this force is to ensure that it exists by the extraction of supply.

This force also needs people need to believe it is the narcissist that is real because this is the only way this force can remain unaccountable. It says “they are mad at you, not me. you are to blame”. This is why the narcissist hates being wrong or criticized. This inner force attacks the narcissist for it’s very own existence. The narcissist is completely aware this is the case thus, why the narcissist believes they are the victims instead of their victims.

The narcissist believes the victim is to blame because they triggered this force to be cruel towards them thus, it is the victim’s fault to why they are being abused.


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