the faulty victim

When leaving the narcissist, it is not uncommon to see the narcissist covertly try to speak to his victims online in various ways. It is also not uncommon to see the narcissist find ways to express how “hurt” and devastated he is from his victim’s freedom.

The narcissist loves loves loves to steal the role of his victim because to do so is to once again, deny his abuse and invalidate his victim for the hundredth time. (This is usually the unconscious reason behind such ridiculous projecting behaviour of a narcissist. I say unconscious because of course, there are various levels of awareness for the pathological narcissist).

The conscious reason for such self proclaiming victimhood is that the narcissist actually believes he is a victim…… a victim to unfair and undeserving treatment. He believes his victims should just obey and worship him because he is God. The narcissist actually believes that he is different and better than everyone else thus, he is the exception to any and all consequences regarding what he malignantly does to others. It is not ok for others to treat the narcissist in any other manner than one of obedience and worship. Essentially, the narcissist is blinded by his own grandiosity.

The tricky aspect of this entire stream of delusional cognition is that the narcissist hides his delusional grandiosity and his delusional sense of entitlement from the world. The narcissist’s facade is almost always based on one of humbleness and/or christianity. So…on the one hand, the narcissist believes he is so very entitled and exceptional that he is the victim to his victims but on the other hand, the narcissist hides his delusional sense of self and overall self entitlement from the knowing of others. This plays out quite well for the narcissist-it allows him to use his humble facade and his overall humble display of reality(a psychosis) in order to feed his grandiose delusional hidden identity.

There are more reasons to why the narcissist refrains from displaying himself as anything but humble. Another reason for this is because the narcissist believes that remaining mysterious offers a sense of power and control over his victims. Lying provides the narcissist with a sense of power because he is sooo deathly afraid of being manipulated or hurt, that he believes lying prevents such. This belief could also be residing deep in the unconscious mind for the narcissist thus, lacking awareness of holding such a belief.


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