The Christmas escape

When it comes to the holidays, particularly Christmas, the narcissist will make this annual holiday take place with a different supply source each year. This means that for the victims, every second Christmas will be lacking a narcissist. This is very difficult for victims who are not aware of what the narcissist truly is. The narcissist will usually just pick a fight or break up with one of his victims just prior to Christmas day.

In the beginning of a “relationship”, the narcissist tends to claim that he has to be away for work or he will spend the morning with one victim and tell his other victims he was called in for work. This type of excuse is also deployed in order to test the reaction of any given victim to see how one feel towards the narcissist being absent on Christmas.

The narcissist also does not care if his victim is aware of this particular manipulation tactic. When this topic is brought up, the narcissist will just give his infamous silent treatment. He will essentially punish his victim for living in reality and for trying to make the narcissist acknowledge reality. Never forget though, the narcissist knows what reality is, it is the only way he knows how to avoid it.


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