impossible to go no contact

Narcissists cannot accept when their child decides to go no contact. Npd is naturally obsessive in nature but when a narcissist’s child decides to go no contact, true obsession takes place. The lack of control experienced by the narcissist towards their child going no contact is truly intolerable, so much so the narcissist will turn their lack of faulty control that they thought they had over their child into a straight obsession that can last for years. The once “said to be” loved child, than becomes demonized in the mind of the parent narcissist. The narcissist will even express large anounts of hatred towards and regarding their no contact child. Revenge is also very much desired as well. 

The narcissist parent will claim they are a victim to their crazy and selfish child that has gone no contact, all the while demonizing them. Parent narcissists cannot accept that they brought their child to the point of going no contact. Never is the long term abuse that took place for their child validated or appologized for. The parent will continue to deny all accountability for their insanity and of course, blame their child. When the parent does this, it commonly creates a sense of looming guilt within their child for having to go no contact in the first place in order to avoid further abuse. 

The narcissist parent will also begin to desire the conplete erasing of their memory of that child and will commonly seek to replace their pathological space by moving. This is an attempt to rebuild their identity because the narcissist starts to see that their child’s no contact as permanent.
Another issue that arises depends on if their child has children of their own. Grandchildren drastically changes the dynamic of no contact. Grandchildren can become greatly tied to the narcissist’s entire identity. When this happens, the idea of suicide is manifested in the narcissist. 

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