a step at a time

The narcissist methodically enjoys the slow removal of his victim’s boundaries. He tests his victims a step at a time over a long period of time in order to see how much his victim will tolerate.

This can appear in many ways when deployed. An example of how this may look begins with the narcissist not answering a text right away, to the narcissist not calling for two days, to missing special occasions, to verbal abusing, and then to cheating. As you can see in this example, the abuse slowly increases.

When a person does not know they are being manipulated and abused, this does not mean they are not being manipulated and abused. This is something that truly hinders the recovery process.

To manipulate and exploit someone by pretending to be in a loyal, dedicated and loving relationship is truly, just sadistic. It promotes the above concept by creating a connection between two strongly held beliefs which exist in every human being-the belief towards abuse and the belief towards love. The narcissist methodically teaches his victims to believe that abuse is love.

This is the war of the unconsciouses. The narcissist’s method to madness regarding this particular dilemma is conducted by the unconscious of the narcissist based on the beliefs that the narcissist holds deep within his unconscious mind and than projects into his victim’s unconsciouses.

This type of testing is conducted by the narcissist to fuel his own ego. The narcissist is trying to test how much he can get away with at the hands of his powerful and influential false self. He says to himself “look how powerful my false self is-look at what I can get away with and still, I am worshipped”.

This is sick..I know. The game the narcissist plays is truly with himself. He seeks himself in every way. He craves the power he believes he gains because he possesses this saviour, this protector -the false self. Never forget the reason to why the false self has been created-the narcissist’s extreme helplessness.


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