Living with a Narcissist

When you live with a pathological narcissist, you are living in their pathological space. This pathological space is considered the stomping grounds for any narcissist. The narcissist is of course, possessive towards all that he/she has in the pathological space which includes the people they live with. When a person lives with a narcissist, the personal energy of their victims are completely robbed and depleted. The amount of chaos experienced via the narcissist is enough to deplete the energy of ten people easily. The narcissist will ensure that all attention from all other bodies in the pathological space is placed on them. There are many tactics the narcissist uses to secure their supply in the pathological space but the “go to” tactic is of course, to cause problems. They will pout, yell, sigh, verbally abuse, complain, pick fights and blame all day long and almost everyday, Even on the narcissist’s good days, the narcissist exhausts their victims. 

When having to live with a narcissist, the “emotional” ups and downs displayed are extreme and rapidly fluctuating. When the narcissist chooses to display a state of content or happiness, this too is exhausting because the most common coping skill for a victim is to just adapt to the narcissist’s reality in any given moment. By the end of the day, living with this type of person is beyond exhausting and there is barely enough energy to complete one’s own responsibilities or experience any joy for oneself in any given day. There are also extreme long term consequences for a person living with narcissist such as CPTSD, anxiety, depression and various forms of disassociation.

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