The child

The narcissist is a child. When you have a parent or parents that are narcissists, you will begin to see over time that the narcissist is truly just a child. Even when a narcissist reacts or behaves malignantly, you can see that there entire being is infantile. 

Lets say for example, you have a narcissist father and he steals your college inheritance from a joined bank account he has with your mother. Even  in this circumstance- you can see a child. Your father will either get caught and blame everyone else for his actions and/or he will play the victim. The similarities between the narcissist and a child in this example are as follows: a child cannot think long term to weigh out long term consequences, a child can only think about what they want and when they want it and lastly, a child pouts and screams when things do not go according to plan. 

Another example is-you have a narcissist mother who will verbally abuses everyone but when you decide to stand up for yourself, they cry or give you the silent treatment. A child believes they are special and that is because feeling special is apart of normal developmental phase. Just like a child, your narcissist mother believes they can abuse everyone whenever they want but cannot handle it when given back to them or if they are told they are wrong for being abusive. Essentially, if you critique any narcissist in any situation, you will be able to see a child.

Seeing the narcissist as a child is very helpful for any person when trying to create distance between you and the narcissist. Realizing that the narcissist is truly just an infant removes their faulty manipulative power from your mind and in turn, the mind of the narcissist(seeing as they are only existent to themselves by seeing their own reflection). Overall, the narcissist is a child playing adult in a secret make belief land. If you were to witness a foreign third party behave in such a manner but you were unable to decipher their age, you would most likely believe what you are witnessing is that of a child.

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