Reflective Clarification

The narcissist thinks highly of you. Yes I know, this doesn’t make sense but I am being dead serious. You are wonderful and that is why the narcissist preyed upon you. It is important to understand that the narcissist cannot utilize a person as supply without him thinking highly of them. The narcissist needs to see himself in his reflection provided to him by his victims.

The narcissist needs to manifest a sense of need and desperation in his victims because he thinks highly of them. How could the narcissist reflect himself in a positive way if he cannot see his source in a postive light?

What does a reflection really mean to a narcissist?

If a source of supply was just truly a mirror and that was all the narcissist needed, he would just use a mirror. If the person the narcissist preys on was not critiqued and measured by the narcissist’s ego, then he could just use a plant as a supply source. If the narcissist did not care about what supplies him, then why are you so wonderful?

I bet, if you really took an objective look at who you are and what you have accomplished in life, I am sure you could see I am only speaking truth here.

In saying all that, it becomes more clear why the narcissist needs to degrade his sources of supply because what does this reflect to the narcissist about himself? That someone so wonderful needs him because he is that good. The narcissist needs to avoid meeting your emotional, mental and physical needs so you question your worth and then question him, thus, creating the desired reflection.


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