Starting fights

The narcissist as most know, love to pick a fight. They will do this at any point in time in your relationship regardless of holidays or a death in the family. In fact, the narcissist tends to pick fights specifically in these specific times simply because it is a way to bring back the attention onto the narcissist. The narcissist cannot stand that your attention is on someone or something else. The narcissist also likes to start fights with the victim that he knows is guaranteed to provide an extremely emotional reaction. This is because the narcissist receives the most supply when his victim is aware of his insane pathological disorder but will still remain in his life. The victim’s reactions towards the narcissist’s existence is a tool that is used to decipher when the most important times to cause these imaginary fights with his victim in order to receive the most amount of supply.

What is sad about this is, if the victim reacts in a false way to see if the narcissist utilizes such against them, such will never fail to prove this blog content incorrect.

As much as the narcissist lives in the victim’s mind and can effectively cause emotional reactions in others, the narcissist is quite predictable and can be controlled just the same.

The narcissist fears being controlled so greatly that he feels he needs to manipulate and hurt others to gain control.


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