The narcissist makes up a million and one excuses in their minds to why they believe they are victimized and unable to control their stalking behavior to themselves. The narcissist will even claim he is unable to let go of the past or still inlove with their last victim. This is of course, delusion. The narcissist is only stalking because he lost control of his victim and that is that. There are a million and one implications a narcissist will make regarding such behavior but the bottom line is the narcissist has lost control and he knows it
You may even ask yourself “why would the narcissist abuse his victims to the point of abandonment, leading him to be humiliatingly and obsessively stalk?” Well, the narcissist never thought you would leave him and he never thought he was out of control until he was utterly abandoned. The narcissist is unable to see his own sense of delusional entitlement till he crashes and falls, leading the narcissist to become desperate and then of course, revengeful.

You may also ask yourself “doesn’t kindness as a manipulation tactic work more effectively then abuse seeing as abuse is why the narcissist has been abandoned?” Well, the narcissist is in such great shock and feels so out of control that abuse is the only thing the narcissist feels he can do at that time. For the narcissist, abusing you is what got him this far. The narcissist cannot seem to comprehend that he is failing immensely and that his tactics are quite ineffective in the long run. He believes he did not lose control because he is behaving abusively all the while, knowing he has lost control which he associates with his victim refusing to obey his delusional entitled self.

The narcissist cannot accept he is constantly self sabotaging, repeating everything that led him to his very familiar and redundant demise thus, constantly ending up in the same failed position which is in fact, the definition of insanity.


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