Having a narcissistic mother

When a person has a narcissist as a mother, brainwashing begins at a very early age and this brainwashing is called parenting to the narcissist. To become aware of the brainwashing inflicted by such a narcissist in your life can take years. The daughter or son cannot recognize the brainwashing as such due to the manipulation beginning at such an early age. To brainwash someone is very effective when the person doing the brainwashing is the person who gives you life and forms your identity. It can in fact take a severe crisis to recognize this abuse in one’s own life or to recognize one is experiencing unexplained mental health symptoms or a mental health disorder. When one comes to such an awareness though, un-brainwashing one’s self can also take years. Such effects infiltrate a person’s entire being -emotionally, mentally and physically. One’s entire belief system becomes skewed regarding their world view and identity. Some examples of the various effects of this particular brainwashing are – anxiety, depression, CPTSD and various personality disorders such as borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder. Essentially, thr most effective solution when dealing with a parent narcissist is no contact.


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