Narcissists love using operant conditioning, a form of psychologically influencing someone. The narcissist parent trains her child to interpret various q’s in a way where the child learns how to exist before their narcissist parent. For example, the narcissist parent huffing and puffing when they know their son/daughter is in ear shot. This particular example of conditioning can only work though if for example, the narcissistic parent complains to their child about something in particular, blames and shames their kid and then….begins to huff and puff. Repetition of such an example will train the child to eventually associate the narcissists’ huffing n puffing as a q that shame is about to be dished out. The goal of the child will than be to avoid this shaming and alter their behavior. This type of conditioning can create extreme prolonged distress within a child which can lead to various mental health issues later on in the child’s life. This is because the child can not understand what they are in fact, unaware of. So when various mental health symptoms begin to surface for that child, the child will not have a clue to why these symptoms are occurring for them. This lack of awareness also allows the narcissist to create the illusion of being a good parent. The narcissistic parent can claim that he/she is a great parent and has no idea where these mental health symptoms originated from – this is gas-lighting and a force of brainwashing at its finest.


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