The Narcissist’s Space

The place the narcissist resides in represents more than the average residence for a non narcissist. The narcissist’s living space represents control and provides a reflection of the the self thus, everything in that space needing to be controlled by the narcissist-every little detail. Some narcissists live like pigs but to those types of narcissists, everything is where it is suppose to be they believe. When someone disrupts or invades this space, the narcissist feels out of control. The narcissist is the only one allowed to control this space. When a severe percieved crisis occurs for a narcissist, they may feel the need to abandon their space entirely and “start again”. This is a need not a want for the narcissist because the significance of the space represents an extension of him/her thus, it cannot remain for him/her if a crisis happens to takes place. Due to his/her space being greatly tied to the narcissist’s identity, such a space cannot trigger negative memories. When a crisis takes place, it requires the narcissist to erase those memories in order to reinvent himself thus, the abandoning of his/her living space completely. If the narcissist experiences a crisis and is married and living with their spouse, some narcissists will divorce as well. The narcissist cannot stand to be reminded of anything negative or correlated to the memory of the crisis. Abandonment is a common trigger for this kind of impulsive decision making.


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