The Narcissist’s True Priority

Watching a narcissist attempt to reuse his habitual failed tactics over and over can become quite annoying. Some may question why the narcissist continues to use the tactics that have failed him and that have been brought to light before him?

Well…the narcissist can only deem a manipulation tactic as failing if he does not gain supply when he deploys such.
You may than ask yourself, how could the narcissist deem the calling out of any of his manipulation tactics, supply? Why isn’t his facade deemed the priority in such moments of confrontation?

The quick and short answer-supply is the only goal a narcissist has. Let me explain ..
The narcissist creates an illusion solely for his victim to adopt as a perception of his facade..but this facade is not the same facade the narcissist is feeding within via supply.  This illusion adopted by the narcissist’s victims frequently causes an inner conflict for them due to their need to understand the depths of their abuser’s pathology in order to make sense of their reality and the creature that lays before them. The facade the narcissist is actually feeding is a delusional based powerful and omnipotent god who is proven to be such in the mind of the narcissist because he renders his victims helpless before him. ( This particular mental construct will be depicted and explained in more detail for you in a future blog)

Essentially, the narcissist uses his facade to gain attention and if that means he gains attention by his victim pointing out to him his manipulation tactics, he accepts this attention with open arms.


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