Misunderstanding no contact

Experts on Narcissistic Abuse discuss no contact as being the sole solution when attempting to recover fron such a nightmare. It is important to understand that yes, going no contact is truly the sole solution but, there is still a common misunderstanding held by many regarding this concept.

Going no contact simply because someone such as an expert or a friend tells you to go no contact, will never become a core motivational factor in attempting to go no contact.

What seems to be misunderstood is one’s understanding towards the true reasoning behind why no contact is in fact the sole solution when ridding yourself from such a toxic person.

Why no contact is the only solution:

1. You cannot leave a narcissist like you would in any other relationship When trying to leave a relationship with a narcissist, you will be verbally abused, manipulated and coerced.

2. You cannot in fact, fix things with a narcissist because you are not allowed to contest the god complex and ego. Your thoughts and emotions have been rendered an insult to the narcissist thus, the narcissist attacking everything you do and say.

3. You are seen as a slave to the narcissist and this fact becomes confirmed everytime the three stage cycle of narcissistic abuse take place.

4. Eventually, you will come to realize that you are not even in a relationship but instead, a slave to the narcissist’s psychosis. You have been taught you cannot express yourself before your narcissist thus, realizing there is nothing left but voluntary slavery or going no contact.

Without subjectively understanding and a person experiencing the above, no contact remains a dream come true that never becomes true just like the narcissist.


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