cleaning obsession

Some narcissists are completely obsessed with cleaning. Why I use the word obsessed is because this word suggests disorder and suggests an illogical state of thinking.  These specific types of narcissists are not in fact concerned with what is in fact clean or organized but instead, are obsessed with what others can see and deem clean. The narcissist will obsessively clean their living room floor over and over, but their bedroom is a utterly disgustingly dirty. This type of obsession will always come before the well being of anyone the narcissist knows. Why I bring up such a point is because a narcissist can never be the cause of their dirty floor, as an example. The believe they are perfect in all that they do. Due to this narcissistic cognitive error, they will continuously degrade anyone they live with when their urge to obsessively clean kicks in.

Another type of narcissist is the narcissist who is obsessive compulsive with their belongings in their pathological abode. Every item they own has a place in their space and they do not want this order of things to be disrupted in any way whatsoever. For example, a narcissist who anal retentively needs to be the only person who washes, dries, folds and puts away their own laundry. Their unique obsessive way is thee only way such a chore can be done in their pathological space.

The obsessively cleaning type of narcissist needs to regulate and control every aspect of their life and  this leads thr narcissist down very strange paths.


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