narcissists and mixed messages

The narcissist loves to send his victim mixed messages. For example, when the narcissist hacks his victim’s computers and phone, he will ensure he is messaging his victim on every possible social app at the same time in attempts to confuse his victim . The narcissist knows his victim knows it is him messaging, but this does not matter to the narcissist.  While the narcissist is doing this, he is also pretending to be angry in silence as his known self or verbally abusing his victim. These mixed messages are intended to confuse his victims so they are completely lacking insight towards what the narcissist is thinking or feeling, having to guess or assume everything.

The victim may know it is the narcissist messaging him from all directions but it is difficult for the victim to not take what the narcissist is saying or doing as the truth. For example, if the narcissist is being extremely kind as an alias, the victim wants or will come to believe that the narcissist cannot speak directly to them due to his mental illness or insecurities. This is not the case and it is important to know what the narcissist’s true goal is when he attempts to do such which is gaining and confirming that he has control over his supply.

Never forget that supply is gained by attention and every aspect of confusion in their victim causes the victim to focus their attention on the narcissist. The narcissist knows that confusion automatically puts the human brain on overdrive. The narcissist knows that such confusion creates obsession Al thinking for his victims thus, receiving attention.


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