Discard versus the final discard versus leaving the narcissist first

Narcissists are delusional. Due to their grandiose delusuoned false self; leaving the narcissist cannot accurately be comprehended by the narcissist. He will believe you are testing him instead and that you could not ever desire a life without him.

The narcissist does not care that his manipulation is the root cause of his victim not being able to leave him, as long as the narcissist can deny the manipulation and the abuse. Externally, the narcissist makes it look like the opposite by denying and shaming the victim

Even if the narcissist’s victim can prove to the narcissist that the narcissist is fact delusional and abusive, the narcissist will continue to deny it all and still feel in control and important because his delusion still remains, due to the victim still contacting him.

In saying this, their is no difference between a discard and the victim leaving the narcissist. Also, know that the only way the narcissist will beg his victim to come back is if he believes his victim has moved on and has cut him off completely. This drives the narcissist batty.

If you cut off contact with a narcissist but do not move on, the narcissist will not beg for you back. How the narcissist knows if you have moved on or not is because the narcissist stalks and hacks.

In regards to a final discard, suc does not exist. The narcissist will only discard you if you are not grade a supply and narcissists do not pretend a full relationship with anything but grade a supply.

My advice to any victim who truly leaves a narcissist is know all the possible outcomes and act accordingly to meet your wishes. Also, always remember that it is a beautiful thing that the narcissist does not harass you if you do leave the relationship and not choose to move on to another relationship right away. Never forget though,  the narcissist will jump on you like bees on honey if he sees you are entering another relationship.

Your best bet as a victim of a narcissist is to always appear like you havn’t moved on so the narcissist does not beg you and harass your life by continuously contacting you.


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