5 Frequently Used Manipulation Tactics 

1. Picking fights: the narcissist randomly picks fights with his victims so he is able to do as he wishes behind his victim’s back. This way, the narcissist does not have to expose his hidden lives and secret agendas. This way, the narcissist can blame his victim for false reasons in which he uses to pick the fight he decided to picked , receive supply, keep his facade in tact and project his guilt. Some examples of the various fight starters narcissists will use are: “your so sensitive-all you do is complain- im sick of you, goodbye”, “Where were you? You dont know how to answer the phone? I knew you were cheating on me-silent treatment begins “, “Where were you last night? I know you didn’t go to your cousin’s house, you were probably out sleeping around, whatever..we are done”.

2. Blaming and projecting: the narcissist blames and projects onto his victims for the things that are brought up in a conversation in which the narcissist perceives as blaming and accusatory. The narcissist does this because he cannot stand any form of discussion that involves his shortcomings, another person’s needs, or any form of constructive criticism.

3. The silent treatment: This tactic is used to either gain supply, buy time so he can be with his other victims, punish his victim, or to remove himself from any accountability of any kind thus, having to explain any of his odd unexplainable behaviors or cruelty.
4. Abandonment. The narcissist will leave his victims for a period of time to either teach his victim a lesson, remind his victim who is in charge, or watch his victim become confused and desperate.

5. Verbally abusing: the narcissist verbally abuses his victim because he either feels criticized and becomes defensive, he feels he needs to degrade his victim for being so pathetic and weak for remaining in a relationship with someone like him, to be able to pick a fight, to gain supply or because he feels his control over his victim is slipping.


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