Different worlds

Narcissists place their victims in a different perceptual world. The narcissist then denies doing so which leads the victim to become extremely confused and brainwashed. Due to the horrific nature of this unique brand of brainwashing, the victim’s mind turns against itself which commonly leads a person trapped in the abusive relationship.

The different world the victim is placed in via the narcissist is the perception of the narcissist’s true reflection. This perceptual world in which I speak of will always refuse to admit or acknowledge it.

Another conflict that arises is when the victim is taught that the narcissist’s true reflection is in fact not his true reflection, that the false perception of the narcissist becomes the only truth for the victim. Due to the love bombing stage and pathological lying via the narcissist, the victim is either forced to face reality against their own brainwashed minds or stay with the narcissist and accept their psychosis as truth to avoid any more mental anguish.

If the narcissist did not pretend to be a completely fictional character, the dismissal and acceptance of this fictional character wouldn’t be so difficult to accept as truth.

The narcissist is also very careful to gaslight their victims in every way possible to ensure their fictional reality and false self that remains alive. Even when the narcissist is caught right handed in an act of self exposure, the narcissist will enhance the manipulation in order for the narcissist to remain in control.

The tool the narcissist uses for this is the hope that the victim holds regarding the narcissist’s fictual character.


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