The power the narcissist thinks he has over you

The way the narcissist views your position in his life is a position of helplessness. The narcissist believes he is in control of you because you allowed yourself to be in the position you are in despite the fact that he is the one who manifested this position. The narcissist stalks hacks and abuses his victim to feed the perception he holds toward his delusional purpose he believes he plays in his victim’s life.

The narcissist believes power is derived from the controlling of others. The problem with this sense of control is that it plays as a constant reminder that they are in fact, not in control at all. Due to the lacking of awareness surrounding this fact, the narcissist fails to see that if he was truly in control, he would not need to seek it. Essentially, the narcissist will never realistically be in control simply because he accepts the things he feels he needs to do to gain with hopes to gain a sense of control which.. in the end…remains a delusion.